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SEORankCheck Affiliate Info

Affiliates referring individual account earn 10% commission:

If you sign up just:
  • 20 users to the basic plan ($12.95/mo)
  • 10 users to the advanced plan ($24.95/mo)
  • 4 users to the pro plan ($59.95/mo)

You’ll receive $74.83 per month, every month, for as long as those customers remain signed up.

2nd Tier Affiliates

2nd tier affiliates (super affiliates) who refer accounts that then go on to refer other accounts, earn 5% on top:

If you sign up just one account, who then goes on to market the service to their users. If just 1,000 of their users sign up to a basic plan, then you’ll receive a commission of $ 647.50/mo every month that the subscriptions remain active, while the account holder will receive $ 1295/mo every month that the subscriptions remain active.

To become an affiliate, just sign up now and you’ll receive your affiliate URL: